art suite 1.17.06

Art 1.17.06.

The ROOT6 companion version to this release is art 1.18.04.

New features:

  • Inheriting SAM metadata: The values for the SAM metadata fields 'run_type' and 'file_type', as stored in an input file, can now be propagated to the output file without having to explicitly specify their values in theFileCatalogMetadata service configuration. For details, see the documentation for art’s SAM metadata facilities. (Resolves feature #9830.)

Bug fixes:

  • Bug #11340: The sqlite-based MemoryTracker and TimeTracker services are now able to run on nfs-mounted areas, without a spurious locking exception being thrown.

messagefacility 1.16.21 (new version).

fhicl-cpp 3.12.08 (new version).

cetlib 1.15.03 (in since art 1.17.00).

cpp0x 1.04.13 (in since art 1.17.00).