Stakeholder meeting notes – 2014/12/04


Eric Flumerfelt, Martin Frank, Chris Jones, Adam Lyon, Brian Rebel, Liz Sexton-Kennedy
artists: Lynn Garren, Chris Green, Kyle Knoepfel, Marc Paterno
The artists are working on a large set of issues to be resolved for Sirius A.
Resolved issues:
#3735: Option to dump post-processed FHiCL file and continue (–config-out=<filename>).  Distinct from Issue #3151, where the post-processed FHiCL file can be produced via –debug-config, and the job is terminated.
#7350: Geant4 v10_0_0_p02 (e6-qualified) is built and available at​.
Several messagefacility issues resolved:
#3982: Global message extensions — syslog and sqlite destinations now supported (subissues #7008 and #7140)
#5966: Move construction now supported for mf::LogXYZ() and LOG_XYZ() macros
Discussion: a likely misbehavior was detected when calling mf::LogDebug() and LOG_DEBUG().  Consider the situation, now supported by move construction:
  auto log = mf::LogDebug() << “foo”;
  log << “bar”
If the run-time switch for logging debug messages was disabled (as it was), this code would still log messages.  A conditional statement was added to the mf::LogDebug() constructor to ensure this does not occur.  In addition, for the situation:
  auto log = LOG_DEBUG() << “foo”;
  log << “bar”;
the second line would still log the message, for the same reason as listed above.  Now, if the run-time (or compile-time) flag disables debug logging, the work to stream “bar” is still done, but the message is not logged.
Accepted issues:
#7146: The request for Qt5 has been strongly supported by various users.  Lynn says we can go ahead attempting to build it, but there are caveats.  Qt has support for C++11, in the sense that it claims to be compatible with C++11-produced libraries, even though Qt itself is not compiled with the c++11/c++1y flags.  In general, compiling against libraries that were produced with a newer standard than the one you are using is not guaranteed to work.  Lynn suspects there may be hard-coded paths in files that are generated and installed, which need to be dealt with.  Krzysztof is hoping for a release by Dec. 15.  The Qt5 release is decoupled from an art release.
valgrind 3.10.1 is now available as a relocatable ups product per various user requests.​