Stakeholder meeting notes – 2015/04/09

by Kyle Knoepfel

Kurt Biery, Martin Frank, Patrick Gartung, Herb Greenlee, Mike Kirby, Adam Lyon, Gianluca Petrillo, Brian Rebel, Erica Snider, Andrzej Szelc

artists: Lynn Garren, Chris Green, Kyle Knoepfel, Marc Paterno


Only resolved issues relate to the scisoft packaging for LAr1ND (SBND) repository.

There is a sufficient enough urgent need for a new postgres product that a patch release of art will be released – v1.13.02. Lynn has built a provisional release of postgresql 9.3.6, which can read 9.1 and 9.2 databases.

Mike asked if hstore is part of that build. Chris found out that hstore is an additional supplied module for the server side. Mike will verify that it’s only needed for the server side and not the client.

Marc asked if the art-supplied builds of Python 2.7.8 and 2.7.9 are dependent on any versions of lower level libraries. Chris said that they depend on SQLite, and there could be problems if people try to use independent version of SQLite. According to Python, there should be no difference in byte code between 2.7.8 and 2.7.9. But there may be differences underneath.

Chris advertised a technology preview for Canopus that can accommodate a service skeleton generator and solve the problem with the current location of artmod. artmod is currently located in cetpkgsupport, which means you always have the latest version, which could be a problem if the user tries to use an older version of art. Chris is about 3/4 of the way through implementation of cetskel—the main program will be located in cetlib. It will be able to produce plugin modules for each plugin for which you might want to generate a skeleton:

– services
– messagefacility destinations
– artdaq
– (not yet input sources)

Chris is planning to make user interface the same. But if you wish to create your own plugin, then you can also create your own add-in for generating your own skeleton. Required knowledge of perl should be rudimentary.

Marc then asked a question about art-users mailing list. It has become his impression that some people are afraid to send questions to the art-users list. Marc asked if there was a way to improve things. Brian suggested experimental representatives remind users that they can post their questions to art-users—the threshold for asking a question is very low.

Kyle suggested going through the remaining Canopus issues next week and prioritizing according to user preferences.