Stakeholder meeting notes – 2015/04/16

by Kyle Knoepfel

Rob Kutschke, Adam Lyon, Saba Sehrish

artists: Lynn Garren, Chris Green, Kyle Knoepfel, Jim Kowalkowski


art 1.13.02 – Five bug fixes going in. Now ready for release packaging.

Discussion about issue 4946:

While the memory spike at the end of a process is at a level that is not huge (140MB), its size is linear in the number of events in the output file. The artists believe they understand why the spike exists and that there is a simple solution for changing it. Currently, after the file-index in memory is sorted, it is written in one shot to the metadata tree. This will be adjusted. The change will involve a new file format version — old files will be able to be read by new code, but not vice versa.

Went over issues resolved from last week:

Issue 6339: Competing MD5 algorithms, cpu timer, etc. Will need to adjust code slightly.
Issue 7788: Diagnostics indicating the origin of various FHiCL parameters

Patrick reports he can now build art on Ubuntu. Adam asked if it is something we are going to distribute. The artists can make the tarballs available, but there is no Ubuntu build slave.