Stakeholder meeting notes – 2015/05/28

Martin Frank, Andrei Gaponenko, Tom Junk,​ Rob Kutschke, Adam Lyon, Brian Rebel
artists: Chris Green, Kyle Knoepfel, Jim Kowalkowski, Marc Paterno
1.14.02 was released last week on short notice.  It fixed a problem that was discovered by the artdaq team, namely a couple of pieces of interface were removed that were still being used (#8897).  The now-restored functions are only of interest for users writing an output module, or writing a source module that doesn’t know at compile time what its data products will be (RootInput and the one in artdaq).
Also included in art v1.14.02 are fixes to the following issues:
Issue #8765 : Segmentation violation was occurring whenever doubly-backed input files were specified.
Issue #8911 : The Boost_FileSystem and Boost_System libraries are now automatically linked against whenever using cetbuildtools.  Users who do use cetbuildtools now need to link all modules and libraries against these libraries themselves.
One minor improvement not in release notes – nested dictionary checking had a loophole in it.  Check is now done at front.
Although resolved, issue #2352 was kept out for v1.14.02, which intended to be only a bug-fix release.
All 1.14.02 products available on scisoft.
FHiCL additions (discussion conclusion):
[[ Issue #8655 ]]
Based on email discussion among art-stakeholders, solution 4 will be chosen:
4) Augment the FHiCL assignment syntax to specify parameters for which reassignment has no effect.
This choice will enable all currently valid code to remain valid, with no change in behavior.​  In terms of syntax, decoration key words will be introduced that can be used for any parameter.  For ParameterSets marked as protected, all underlying parameters will also be protected.