Stakeholder meeting notes – 2015/06/18

by Kyle Knoepfel

David Adams, Chris Backhouse, Patrick Gartung, Ken Herner, Chris Jones, Adam Lyon, Brian Rebel

artists: Lynn Garren, Chris Green, Kyle Knoepfel, Marc Paterno


Discussion of issue #9193:

Herb Greenlee of MicroBooNE created a bug report describing a segmentation violation that occurs in art 1.14.02 when reading multiple input files with data products in runs and subruns. This behavior was not present with 1.13. The artists mentioned the source of this seg. fault was due to a stale reference being accessed when run or subrun products were being read for output at the end of a job. When fixing this seg. fault, an underlying weakness was exposed related to how product retrieval is performed. Fixing these issues is the highest priority for the art team right now.

Discussion of August 1 release:

Marc sent a message to the experiment liaison list for their priorities for Alpha Centauri. The current release date is slated for Aug. 1, but Alpha Centauri is more likely to be released by the end of August due to various time constraints and unexpected issues that have arisen. If the experiments would like a particular feature to be available before Alpha Centauri is released, they are to notify the artists of their preferences. Mu2e has already requested that the FHiCL grammar enhancements (features #8655 and #7231) be released before then. After the segmentation fault is fixed, art 1.15 will be released that includes the new FHiCL enhancements.

Discussion of implications of configuration validation:

The Alpha Centauri release will allow users to enable FHiCL parameter validation for their own modules and services. The artists would like to know if validation for art-provided modules and services is also desired at that time. The artists would prefer to implement it, but it could be possible that user FHiCL files might fail if they contain unrecognized parameters that, up till now, have been ignored by the configuration system. The artists request feedback from experiments as to their preferences.

Resolved issues:

#9060: Mechanisms used to speed up recognition of ups products doesn’t work for tcsh. It is now fixed.

#9195: buildtool and mrb now include automatic recognition of which generator was used for the previous build — that generator now serves as the default for the current build setup.