Stakeholder meeting notes – 2015/07/23

by Kyle Knoepfel

Chris Backhouse, Patrick Gartung, Herb Greenlee, Ken Herner, Chris Jones, Tom Junk, Gianluca Petrillo, Brian Rebel

artists: Chris Green, Kyle Knoepfel, Jim Kowalkowski

Misc. information

Relatively slow this past week in terms of art development. All artists are busy preparing for the art/LArSoft course.

Likely to be stakeholder meeting next week on July 30, but not the following (i.e. no meeting on Aug. 7).

artdaq data product reading problems

Bug #9672: artdaq systems that use art v1_14_03+ seem to have difficulties producing readable data products

artdaq reported difficulty reading products with v1.14.03/v1.15.01, whereas they did not have troubles with v1.14.02. The bug was traced to an incorrect adjustment of the product registration function when going from v1.14.02 to v.1.14.03. This error affected only artdaq. The bug has been fixed and will go into the next release.

Discussion about changing default exception handling

Representatives from DUNE/35-ton, MicroBooNE, and NOvA were in support of changing the default handling of SkipEvent for some error cases to Rethrow, as described in an email to the stakeholders on July 9. We will implement the change.

Resolved issues: exit codes

Bug #8602: wrong exit status after a signal
Bug #8823: art exit codes

The exit codes have been adjusted so that all return values (from art) are in the range [0,125]. When SIGINT is received the return value is 128 plus the relevant signal number. Not yet adjusted are the exit codes whenever a cet::coded_exception object is thrown. It is therefore conceivable that a user could create a derived class of cet::coded_exception and assign an exit code value to it that is zero (indicating success) after the 256-modulo arithmetic is performed.

Resolved issues: misc.

Bug #9641: config_dumper -P does not distinguish between files
Bug #9643: -o option overrides implicitly-included end_paths modules
Bug #9648: –memcheck should run MemoryTracker instead of SimpleMemoryCheck
Feature #9650: Source “/ [ external source ] /…” could be made more informative
Feature #9659: MemoryTracker numToSkip should apply only to summary printout

Various bugs spotted and fixed within art while preparing for the art/LArSoft course.