Stakeholder meeting notes – 2015/09/10

Chris Backhouse, Herb Greenlee, Alex Himmel, Chris Jones, Adam Lyon, Gianluca Petrillo
artists: Chris Green, Kyle Knoepfel, Jim Kowalkowski, Marc Paterno
Discussion of resolved issues:
Bug #10042: mf::do_nothing_deleter has been moved to cet::no_delete.
The only use case for the do-nothing deleter was to allow for a similar interface between owning/non-owning destination objects.  This has been excised frommessagefacility in favor of the cet::ostream_handle.  The do-nothing deleter is now available in cetlib as cet::no_delete.  If users think they need to use this, they are encouraged to talk to the art team to discuss better options.
Discussion re. access to internal SQLite database
Gianluca asked in on the art-users mailing list if access to the internal database is possible.  Chris G. reported that access has been planned, but not implemented.  Marc suggested to Gianluca that the artists discuss with him his particular use case to determine if db access is, indeed, required, or if there is another solution.
Discussion re. status of issue #9830: Inherit SAM metadata
Herb asked about the status of issue 9830.  We looked over the received feedback; since it is in agreement, the artists will assign it.  However, it appears that querying SAM metadata via the FileCatalogMetadata service may meet the need if someone’s interest is in (e.g.) key-value pairs.  If a particular value has a nested JSON structure, then a JSON parser is required.
Herb said that a high priority here means a strong desire; it is not preventing them from taking data.