Stakeholder meeting notes – 2015/10/15

Discussed items:
  • 1.16.02 is distributed and out in e9 in all the usual platforms and variants. Absent a specific request, we do not plan on building e7 distributions.
  • 1.17.00 is probably going to be tagged some time next week.
  • Recently-resolved issues were discussed, including the memory-spike issueand mitigation configuration option, with its attendant consequences for metadata. There was also a brief discussion of related issue 10433 and possible solutions if metadata requirements meant that the scaling problem could not be solved in the same way as issue 10410.
  • Marc will be sending out an email in the next day or so to ask for experiments’ positions on David Adams’ proposal, following some discussion by email over the last few weeks.
  • Tom asked Kurt about event ordering issues from artdaq in DUNE 35T. Chris mentioned that the event splitter might be able to be re-worked to use the FileIndex to read events in EventID rather than entry order, if this were preferable.
  • Kurt and Chris had a post-meeting sidebar about issue 10490.