Stakeholder meeting notes – 2015/11/19

by Paul S Russo


Christopher Backhouse, Kurt Biery, Tim Doody, Kyle Knoepfel,
Lynn Garren, Ken Herner, Chris Jones, Gianluca Petrillo,
Brian Rebel, Paul Russo, Erica Snider

Resolved Issues.

* #10940 Lapack package built in SLF5 and e9 flavors.

This NOvA request has been completed and delivered.

* #10747 Incorporate fhicl::TableFragment and
fhicl::Optional* parameters in art.

The art EmptyEvent and RootInput sources now have their
parameters validated.  This work required adjusting the
constructors for InputFileCatalog.  The experiments were
queried if this was a problem, and the consensus was that
it is not.

Other Ongoing Work

Lynn Garren found that building nutools against art v1.18.1,
which uses ROOT6, revealed a problem with ROOT 6 dictionary
handling in cetbuildtools, which has since been fixed (problem
was that root pcm files needed to be copied to the dictionary
library output directory too).

Lynn Garren also reports that ROOT 6 computes class checksums
differently in the case that the class has enum declarations
in it.  She has temporarily worked around the problem by
disabled versioning in the selection xml files for the affected
nutools classes.

Lynn Garren also reports a problem exists in a fhiclcpp
header file which the clang compiler finds during ROOT 6
dictionary generation in nutools.  We were able to work
around the problem by forward declaring the class in the
affected header file instead of including the header with
the problem.  The underlying fhicl problem has since been

Lynn Garren reports that SLF 7.2 will be released sometime
in the spring of next year.  Meanwhile an SL 7.1 slave is
available on the Jenkins server for those who want to start
testing now.

Acturus Issues

New Issues

* #10954 Provide getValidHandle for Run and SubRun.

This has already been implemented and will appear in the
next release.