Stakeholder meeting notes – 2015/12/17

by Paul S Russo
Stakeholder meeting notes – 2015/12/17


Christopher Backhouse, Kurt Biery, Lynn Garren, Chris Jones,
Kyle Knoepfel, Rob Kutschke, Adam Lyon, Brian Rebel, Paul Russo

Resolved Issues.
* #11039 What do we need to do to make –print-available-modules
and –module-description work?


Art v1_17_05 released.

The immediate reason for the release is a request by
Gianluca Petrillo to update fhiclcpp to v3_12_07 to get
new features.

fhiclcpp enhancements:

* TupleAs template
* conditional config

fhiclcpp breaking changes:

1. The order of constructor arguments for Atom, Sequence, and
Tuple has changed, the Comment must preceed any default
value now.

2. The constructor for Sequence and Tuple that takes default
values has changed the type of the default value, it must
now either be a brace-initializer or a function-style cast
to the return value of the config parameter operator().

3. The Sequence::make_empty() member function has
been removed.

Options to the art program have changed:

art –module_description
art –service-description

consolidated to:

art –print-description

art –print-available={source, plugin}

The EmptyEventTimestampPlugin now needs Boost Filesystem and
System libraries.

Lynn Garren notes that Ubuntu v14.04 LTS builds will be
available for this version, and Marc Paterno adds that this
build may work on other Debian-based releases. Some discussion
of sites that use Ubuntu was had.

New Issues

* Known bug in art v1_17_05 reported by NOvA: readng run/subrun
data products in endRun/endSubRun can crash on file switch.

* Mac OSX El Capitan has a new security feature that ensures
the DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variable is not copied down
to subshells. Turning this feature off requires making
changes to the system configuration from single-user mode.
Fermilab may be able to disable this feature, the possibility
is being investigated. We may need to change the build
system to compensate.

* #11118 SelectEvents setting should respect filters by default

Marc Paterno suggested rescheduling this topic for the Jan. 7
meeting due to light attendence, and this was agreed upon.