Stakeholder meeting notes – 2016/01/28

Stakeholder meeting notes - 2016/01/28 by Paul S Russo


Tim Doody, John Freeman, Lynn Garren, Kyle Knoepfel,
Rob Kutschke, Marc Paterno, Paul Russo, Erica Snider


Art 1.17.07
Art 1.18.05

The most important change is to fix #11485, build time
increase and library size increase.  Patrick Gartung has
reorganized the code to restrict the number of places that
regex templates are expanded.

Another change worth noting is all art classes with non-trivial
move constructors have been changed to mark those constructors
noexcept so that the standard library will use move semantics
for those classes in the standard containers.

Acturus Issues

Flexible file handling work is continuing, progress is being

Resolved Issues.

* #11495 FindMany/One interface that works with art::Ptr

Rejected as a duplicate of #2536.  Solution is to use the
C++14 initializer list syntax.

Example of using a single Ptr as the reference collection

FindOne<B> myBs{{myAPtr}, e, tag};

* #11177 find_ups_product fails if product name is all

Fixed, only affected people using TRACE_VERSION.

New Issues

* #11118 SelectEvents setting should respect filters by default

The new vote is complete, with only NOvA voting for a change
in the current behavior, so the consensus is for no change.

* Extending OS support in our distributions.

There was some discussion of the results of the OS survey, with
the result that Ubuntu is the clear favorite for extending
support, although there is interest in others.

The problem is that Ubuntu is not a supported OS at Fermilab,
and any build system using it would have to be carefully
handled to not violate lab policy.  Further work will be needed.