Stakeholder meeting notes – 2016/02/04

Stakeholder meeting notes – 2016/02/04 by Paul S Russo


Christopher Backhouse, Tim Doody, Lynn Garren, Patrick Gartung,
Chris Jones, Kyle Knoepfel, Rob Kutschke, Marc Paterno,
Brian Rebel, Paul Russo


Marc Paterno announced that the art ups product is being
divided into two new ups products, one of which will still be
named art, and the other of which will be named “canvas”.

The intent is to move the data product i/o handling into the
canvas product so that functionality may be used by the
“gallery” analysis framework.

It will be necessary for developers to change their code as
the header files and libraries are going to move around.
Translation scripts will be provided to make the change as
painless as possible.

There will be a release numbering change to clearly separate
the old and new art products:

Root 5: art v1_17_x –> v1_17_100
Root 6: art v1_18_x –> v1_19_x

That is the first release of the “new” art root 5 series will
start with v1_17_100, and the root 6 series will start
numbering at v1_19_00.

A request was made for a repetition of the operating system
survey report from last meeting, so we went over the results
again.  There were 47 answers received, Ubuntu was the most
popular, and there is some interest in Mac OSX, although
El Capitan (the latest release) is still a problem for us
due to the changes in the way that DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH is
handled.  We can build software releases for Ubuntu, and
we are, but we must take special precautions with the build
machines since Ubuntu is not a supported OS at Fermilab.

Acturus Issues

The implementation of run and subrun fragments, product
aggregation, and flexible file handling is well underway.

An event list handling feature is also being implemented.