Stakeholder meeting notes – 2016/02/11

Stakeholder meeting notes – 2016/02/11 by Paul S Russo


Christopher Backhouse, Kurt Biery, Lynn Garren,
Patrick Gartung, Chris Green, Tom Junk, Kyle Knoepfel,
Rob Kutschke, Marc Paterno, Brian Rebel, Paul Russo

Acturus Issues

The run/subrun fragements and flexible output file handling
feature is steadily making progress.

Work is in progress on minimizing root 6 autoparsing.

Work is in progress on an event list handling feature.

New Issues

#11646 – Build Geant4 v10.2 with the USolids library

This work was requested by Adam Lyon of muon g-2.

Rob Kutschke, speaking for mu2e, thinks this will be fine so
long as it is a separate release.

LArSoft would like to move to this eventually, but first
needs to move to Geant4 v10.1.

The difficulty is with the Geant4 dependence on CLHEP.
Geant4 v10.1 can use either CLHEP v2.2 or CLHEP v2.3, and
right now our builds use v2.2.  When moving to Geant4 v10.2
we must move up to CLHEP v2.3 which uses c++11 features.

There was some discussion of building art with CLHEP v2.3.

We discussed the possibility of globally disabling root 6
autoparsing at art startup.  There was general agreement that
this will probably be ok.  One thing to note at this will not
prevent user code from re-enabling it whenever necessary.

Dave Adams of Dune has expressed an interest in non-singleton
services.  Marc Paterno explained that this will probably
happen, but it will not be called a service.  Discussions are
ongoing with Amir.