Stakeholder meeting notes – 2016/02/25

Tim Doody, Herb Greenlee, Chris Jones, Tom Junk, Rob Kutschke, Brian Rebel
artists: Lynn Garren, Kyle Knoepfel, Marc Paterno
art announcements
Nothing significant to report since most of the work is going into Arcturus preparation.
Potential renaming of canvas
Due to various issues, the new product “canvas” may be named something else.  Discussions are being had at various levels regarding this.
Discussion of issue #11119
There was discussion as to whether a product should be required to be put on an event for a filter, even if that filter returns ‘false’.  For all stakeholders assembled, the answer was ‘yes’.  However, since not all experiments were represented, an email will be sent to the stakeholders for a more complete tally.
Better documentation for art
Tom brought up how it would be helpful to have a reference manual for art.  Marc mentioned that various technologies are under discussion (e.g. Doxygen).  There was also mention of a summer student assisting in the art workbook—Rob said this could be helpful if the scope of the student’s work were limited to the more mechanical issues (producing scripts that automatically run tests upon code updates, etc.).  Rob has a meeting next week with interested parties to determine how much benefit there is to this idea.