Stakeholder meeting notes – 2016/03/03

by Paul S Russo


Kurt Biery, Lynn Garren, Robert Hatcher, Chris Jones,
Kyle Knoepfel, Marc Paterno, Brian Rebel, Paul Russo


Marc Paterno discussed a change to Run and SubRun product
handling: art will now store a set of event ranges per
product to support merging of products which represent
summary information derived from sets of events.

Arcturus Issues

Flexible output file handling development is continuing.
Work on avoiding autoparsing in Root 6 is in progress.

New Issues

#11860 fhiclcpp-types tests fail for GCC5/Clang due to inline
namespace in demangled symbols

This is a problem only for compilers we currently do not
support. GCC 5 has an ABI change that Root 6 currently does
not support.

#11119 Allow an EDFilter to not produce all products if it’s
returning false

We are currently soliciting votes. Kurt Biery for artdaq
voted for no change in behavior. Nova was not present to vote.