Stakeholder meeting notes – 2016/04/14

by Marc Paterno

Attendees: Chris Jones, Tom Junk, Rob Kutschke, Brian Rebel, Kyle Knoepfel, Lynn Garren, Chris Green, Marc Paterno, Tim Doody, Erica Snider

Remote: Chris Backhouse

Issues 12319, 12317 and 11641 were resolved.

Note that issue 12317 deals with some moving of directories in art. We have done this as part of handling ROOT dictionary issues. It is not required for experiments to follow suit, however we suggest this as a good pattern. Failure to do so can result in run-time mistakes from ROOT which can be hard to recognize.

We also discussed issue 12247. It is important for experiments to declare dictionary for Assns<B,A> at the same time that the dictionary for Assns<A,B> is declared.

Kyle presented a description of feature changes proposed for the next major release of art. The material is available on the art wiki. Discussion ran to the end of the meeting. We will follow up with additional documentation.