Stakeholder meeting notes – 2016/06/09

by Paul Russo


Christopher Backhouse, Tim Doody, Lynn Garren, Patrick Gartung, Tom Junk, Rob Kutschke, Marc Paterno, Gianluca Petrillo, Paul Russo, Erica Snider

art v2_01_02 has been released, this is Acturus.

Release notes at:

The next Stakeholders Meeting is canceled for the art Users Workshop, and the meeting after that is canceled for the LArSoft Workshop, so the next Stakeholders Meeting will be held 3 weeks from today.
NEXT asked to have numpy built for the version of art they are using.

Mark Paterno noted that gallery can write files that numpy can access.

It was requested that distributions of the pandas and matplotlib python packages be created.

It was noted that it is impossible to make a matplotlib that is binary compatible with gcc on MacOS due to the need to compile matplotlib with the MacOS native compiler to avoid crashes. The cause is a font manipulation tool which uses libsystemb.dylib which is compiled with clang and is not binary compatible with things compiled by gcc.

Marc Paterno stated that these packages will not be distributed as UPS products, but instructions will be provided on how to use pip to install them using the UPS python distribution.

It was noted that the current LArSoft release candidate is based on art v2_00_02, next step will be with Acturus, art v2_01_02.