Stakeholder meeting notes – 2016/08/25

by Paul Russo

Attendees: Kurt Biery, Lynn Garren, Chris Green, Alex Himmel, Chris Jones, Kyle Knoepfel, Jim Kowalkowski, Marc Paterno, Paul Russo

Discussion of art carriage of SAM metadata.  Alex Himmel explains that NOvA cannot transition to art not storing metadata, would like art to not attempt validation, and maximum possible inheritance from source file, in fact would rather have a filter-out metadata facility coupled with default inheritance.

Discussion of art output file renaming conventions.  Can DAQ live with requiring sequence number pattern if output file switching is enabled?  Solution is if fileProperties is used in the output module to allow output file switching then art will require that the output filename pattern contain a set of control sequences that ensure uniqueness.  Kurt Biery would like to request the ability to reset the filename sequence counter.