Stakeholder meeting notes – 2016/11/10

by Paul Russo

Attendees: Tim Doody, Lynn Garren, Chris Green, Kyle Knoepfel, Rob Kutschke, Evan Niner, Gianluca Petrillo, Brian Rebel, Paul Russo

Resolved issues.

Microboone reported an assertion during event range merging.  It was determined that the assert was erroneous and it has been removed.


ROOT 6.08/00 has been released.  There are still some problems to be resolved with ROOT.  Patches are being worked on.

art suite 2.06.00 feature release will happen as soon as ROOT is patched.

Features include:

  • ROOT 6.08
  • gcc 6.2 (e12)
  • deprecation of cet::demangle
  • new package cetlib_except added to the suite

Ubuntu 14 and 16 will be supported, 14 will be dropped after this release.  There will be no OS X Mavericks build, Fermilab is dropping support.  No gcc 4.9.3a (e10) build because of incompatibility with Ubuntu 16.

Mac OS X clang support to be dropped in favor of gcc 6.2 due to lack of support for C++14 features, and the upcoming need for C++17 support.

Mac OS support continues to be “current and previous version”.  SIP continues to be a problem, we are working on a fix.  When we have that fix we will drop support for Yosemite.

art multithreading work is progressing.

We discussed the request for a flag to disable delayed reading.