Stakeholder meeting notes – 2017/01/26

by Paul Russo

Attendees: Tim Doody, Andre Gaponenko, Lynn Garren, Chris Greene, Herb Greenlee, Kyle Knoepfel, Marc Paterno, Gianluca Petrillo, Evan Niner, Paul Russo

Resolved issues

  • The build system was improved to link to the encryption libraries using standard CMake tools,
  • A small value conversion warning was fixed in a test.

art 2.06 is nearing completion

  • root 6.08/04 has been released with all required bug-fixes
  • the art::Assns extensions for Assns<A,B> versus Assns<A,B,D> are being implemented for gallery
  • gcc 6.3 (e14)
  • ownership semantics have been improved internally to art
  • new art feature, tools, will be available
  • support for on-demand production of data products is being removed for now
  • changes to art::Source<T> behavior for non-generator sources to disallow Run and SubRun principals from being reused across file boundaries, Run and SubRun principals must be limited to a specific file, so new Run and SubRun principals must be provided by the implementer for every input file

Resolved issues

  • symbolic links for cc, c++, and f95 to the actual gcc compiler are now provided

The MicroBooNE experiment indicates they are willing to wait for the Assns work to be finished before release.

The Mu2e experiment requested that the event mixing feature be extended to allow access to the Run and SubRun products from the secondary (mixin) event files during the mixing operation.  The art team believes that implementing this is feasible.  It was decided to schedule this in front of the gallery improvements for art v2.06.00.  The gallery work would be delayed to art v2.07.00.