Stakeholder meeting notes – 2017/04/06

by Paul Russo

Attendees: Lynn Garren, Chris Green, Ken Herner, Tom Junk, Kyle Knoepfel,  Rob Kutschke, Evan Niner, Marc Paterno, Gianluca Petrillo, Brian Rebel, Paul Russo

Resolved issues.

tbb iinternally makes a test at startup looking for a c++ standard library problem, this can result in a thrown and caught exception in the tbb startup code, which was confusing people using gdb to stop on exceptions.  This is not a problem, just annoying.

There was a failure in an internal art test on mac but not on linux, this has been fixed.

A user was caught by the breaking change in art v2.06.00 to Source template, which resulting in a fatal error complaining about an invalid SubRun.  The user’s source template must now create a new SubRun principal on file open, which was not required before.

ROOT 6 has problems with class names in a namespace named “next” when generating dictionaries.  A fix is being developed.

New issues.

There is an outstanding request for random access to events in gallery.  There was some discussion of possible needs.

There is an outstanding request for changes to the gallery build system.  A meeting with the requester to discuss the issues has been arranged.

The totalview UPS product has been dropped by the SCD (the license was not renewed).  The replacement is the allinea UPS product, which contains the Alliinea DDT debugger, and the Allinea MAP performance profiler.  Naturally the gdb debugger remains available.

NOvA requested that the art wiki page be updated with links to the Allinea documentation, and some usage guidance.