Stakeholder meeting notes – 2017/04/27

by Paul Russo

Attendees: Kurt Biery, Lynn Garren, Chris Green, Tom Junk, Kyle Knoepfel, Rob Kutschke, Evan Niner, Marc Paterno, Gianluca Petrillo, Paul Russo


art v2.07.00 is being readied for release.

New issues.

The presence of duplicate events or overlapping event ranges in an input file will result in a fatal exception and termination of the job.  A proposal has been made to check for duplicate events when an output file is being written.  Several possible implementations were presented and discussed.  All possible implementations have a non-trivial cose.  Kurt Biery requested that any such behavior should be configurable, that is, possible to disable.

The decision was the implement the checks on output, with the option to disable.