Stakeholder meeting notes – 2017/05/25

by Paul Russo

Attendees: Lynn Garren, Chris Green, Chris Jones, Tom Junk, Kyle Knoepfel, Rob Kutschke, Evan Niner, Marc Paterno, Paul Russo

The next art 2.07.xx will not have an e10 build, we are dropping it going forwards, aka, we dropping support for gcc 4.9.3.

The Ubuntu 14 builds will also be dropped as of art 2.07.xx.

The root team has released a change to the GDML expression parser which reduces the random failures dramatically.  This patch will be in the next art 2.07.xx release.

We had a discussion about providing scripts for adjusting code for the breaking changes in the art 2.07.xx release.  Most of the breaking changes do not affect existing experiment software, so we will provide such scripts only on request.

It was announced that we will be reducing the Stakeholder meeting to a 30 minute time slot to make room for a new multi-threading planning meeting.

The TensorFlow software suite builds itself using compiler optimizations for the particular cpu it is being built on.  The possibly of building this as a ups product with support for multiple cpus was discussed.  Volunteers would be needed to assist with the effort.