Stakeholder meeting notes – 2017/07/13

by Paul Russo

Attendees: Michael Baird, Herb Greenlee, Ken Herner, Kyle Knoepfel, Rob Kutschke, Paul Russo

New issues.

art executables link against 13 different root libraries.  For experiments that use closed linking this is not necessary.  The experiments were asked if any of them do not do closed linking.  If everyone is this can be eliminated.

We will be needing to create a new MessageFacility message category for multi-threading diagnostic information, initially for consumes info.

We could provide:

  • A –mt-diagnotics option
  • Unconditionally create mt_info.log file every art job

Your opinion is solicited.

Several interface changes will be coming in art 2.08:

  • fhicl::parse_value to be removed
  • art::ProcessConfiguration loses the art::PassID data member (unused, and always the empty string)
  • canvas/Utilities/TestHelper facility to be remove (unused)
  • RootInput fileMatchMode config parameter to be removed (unused)
  • art::JobMode (unused)

GDB 8.0

This release requires a C++11 compliant compiler, and so we cannot build it with the SLF6 system compiler.  We are currently not planning on distributing this release.  In the future we may have to tie the gcc and gdb ups products together, so that when you setup one you get the matching other.