Stakeholder meeting notes – 2017/07/20

by Paul Russo

Attendees: Chris Green, Chris Jones, Kyle Knoepfel, Rob Kutschke, Gianluca Petrillo, Paul Russo

Resolved issues.

Floating point service now works correctly on both MacOS and Linux.

Configuration validation for MessageFacility has now been implemented.

Config dumper output order has been changed to be alphabetical.

New issues.


Several interface changes will be coming in art 2.08:

  • fhicl — parse_value to be removed
  • cetlib — cetlib/detail/metaprogramming.h has moved to cetlib/metaprogramming.h
  • messagefacility configuration validation implemented
  • messagefacility — propose remove messagefacility.generate_preconfiguration_message fcl parameter
  • messagefacility — propose remove placeholder parameter for destinations
  • messagefacility — propose remove output and extension parameters for file-type destinations, just use filename
  • messagefacility — propose remove destination useMilliseconds parameter, use format.wantMilliseconds instead
  • messagefacility — propose remove destination noLineBreaks parameter, use format.noLineBreaks instead
  • messagefacility — propose move destination lineLength parameter to format.lineLength
  • canvas — BranchID no longer used in art, except for backwards compatibility
  • canvas — ProductID schema has changed — we guarantee the ability to read older files
  • canvas — PassID member has been removed from ProcessConfiguration
  • canvas — BranchDescription::branchID() replaced with BranchDescription::productID()
  • canvas — Parentage schema is now vector<ProductID> instead of vector<BranchID>
  • canvas — TestHelper facility to be remove (unused)
  • canvas — RootInput fileMatchMode config parameter to be removed (unused)
  • art — get_BranchDescription to get_ProductDescription
  • art — removed Event::branchIDToProductID, no longer necessary
  • art — propose remove JobMode
  • art — propose remove unconditional loading of ROOT libraries when art exec is run
  • art — propose change severity of art summary message from severe to warning
  • art — propose remove HRRealTime facility
  • art — propose remove unused math_private facilities

NOvA has requested an accelerated release schedule for art v2.08.  We will be working with them closely to get them through their art upgrade.  The details of the composition of the software stack needs to be nailed down, but things look pretty clear to do a release quickly.