Stakeholder meeting notes – 2017/09/21

by Paul Russo

Attendees: Lynn Garren, Chris Green, Herb Greenlee, Chris Jones, Kyle Knoepfel, Rob Kutschke, Evan Niner, Gianluca Petrillo, Paul Russo

Resolved Issues

art 2.08.00 file dumper output was missing the table header, this is fixed.


The first art multithreading forum was held last week.  Next meeting will be in a few weeks as needed.

The art 2.09.00 release will be adding a new package canvas_root_io which will contain the dependency on the root package.  Top level CMakeLists.txt files will have to be upgraded to include the art_dictionary cmake macro from the new package.  An upgrade script will be provided.

Proposed interface changes for art 2.09.00:

  • cet::cbegin -> std::cbegin (same for cend)
  • removal of the the reconfigure() api from the module base classes (not used by art)

gcc 6.4 will be the new compiler for art 2.09.00.

There will be new interfaces in messagefacility to restore functionality that artdaq needs.

mysql and postgres client external products are proposed to be upgraded.

We discussed a new art feature proposed by Herb Greenlee of MicroBOONE to extend the checks done by art –debug-config to catch configuration errors in the trigger paths and end path.  These checks are currently done when the art job starts, the request is to make it possible to run these checks without having to run the whole job.  Unfortunately running these checks currently requires running the module constructors, which can result in quite a bit of activity.  It was the consensus that a new program option should be provided to invoke the feature.

NOvA updated us on the status of their art v2 upgrade.  They have managed to deouple the upgrade from the daq freeeze, the beam turn-on, and the production campaign.  They are currently targeting the Fall for the upgrade, and it is no longer an urgent issue for the experiment analysis.  There is still nutools work to be done, and Robert Hatcher will be starting that soon.  The end of October is the best estimate for when the v2 upgrade should be completed.

Chris Green reported that he is working on clang 5.0 and gcc 7.2 builds for the art software stack.  We also intend to enable c++17 mode in these new builds now that the standard has been approved.