Stakeholder meeting notes – 2018/01/11

by Paul Russo

Attendees:Lynn Garren, Chris Green, Herb Greenlee, Alex Himmel, Chris Jones, Tom Junk, Kyle Knoepfel, Rob Kutschke, Marc Paterno, Gianluca Petrillo, Paul Russo

Resolved issues.

  • There are several bugfixes for the art 2.09 series, which will all be available in art 2.09.06.
  • New implementation of filepath_maker.h

art 2.10.00 is coming up.

  • New feature to allow adding products from services. This is initially to support new art database access features, intended for use by calibration and geometry systems.
  • MacOS support changes coming.  The art team will switch to using the open-source clang compiler (not the native MacOS compiler) on MacOS systems in place of gcc due to major incompatibilities between the MacOS system headers and gcc which cannot be avoided. As always a different compiler is pickier about various coding constructs, but no major problems have been found.  Since there is no clang Fortran compiler, a few Fortran-based packages will need to be reviewed, we are planning on using the gfortran compiler from the gcc suite.

CLHEP 2.4 has changed the default random number generator. The art team would like to know if any experiments are using the default. This new version of CLHEP will be used by the new version of GEANT4.

Coming features.

  • Smaller messagefacility.
  • Multithreaded art.
  • Python-based module support for art.