Stakeholder meeting notes – 2018/03/08

Attendees: Michael Baird, Ken Herner, Chris Jones, Tom Junk, Kyle Knoepfel, Marc Paterno, Gianluca Petrillo, Paul Russo
by: Paul Russo

SAM metadata

art does not currently store the metadata in SAM’s format, in the past it was felt it was necessary to allow storage of free-form data to provide maximum flexibility, and the experiments were expected to post-process the metadata into valid form.

We propose to change this to make the SAM metadata store in art be in valid SAM format.  This may require the development of translations from the old to the new format.

art::Event::get(ProductID, Handle)

This function only works if the data product has already been retrieved from the data file with getByLabel.  Various experimenters have been bitten by this lately.  A possible solution is to implement a new art feature which would be like art::Ptr but able to point to individual data products (that is, the data product does not have to be an element stored in a container data product).  The easier solution is to store InputTags and use getByLabel instead.

Change severity level of file open/close actions

The request is to reduce the severity level to INFO, which allows suppressing these messages with the destination threshold setting.  It would still be possible to configure a destination which processes only messages of this category with a threshold of INFO to get the messages, while on all other destinations the threshold is set above INFO to suppress noise.