Stakeholder meeting notes – 2018/03/15

Attendees: Michael Baird, Dave Brown, Lynn Garren, Chris Green, Robert Hatcher, Chris Jones, Tom Junk, Kyle Knoepfel, Rob Kutschke, Marc Paterno, Paul Russo
by: Paul Russo

cetbuildtool v7_02_00 has been released to fix the unintentional preservation of rpaths after products are installed on Linux, this behavior should have only applied to macOS.

We discussed the problem NOvA is having with 3-level nested vectors in TFormula.  The suggestion is to consult with Philippe.

We discussed a problem Rob Hatcher was having creating a TTree from a text file where ROOT issues a warning message about extra columns in the text file which art turns into a fatal exception.  The art team can suppress these kinds of problems if needed.

We discussed a mu2e desire to read from more than one input file at a time.  This can be done using the art::Source<> template.