Stakeholder meeting notes – 2019/01/24

Attendees:  Kyle Knoepfel, Paul Russo, Matti Kortelainen, Lynn Garren, Karl Warburton, Chris Green, Saba Sehrish, Rob Kutschke
by: Paul Russo


art 2.12 has been released

  • Configuration options added and internal code changes for reducing memory growth.
  • SamplingInput source module added, which samples events from different datasets given weights.
  • Breaking Change: In order for modules, services, or tools to be loaded they must be located in one of the directories on the CET_PLUGIN_PATH environment variable.
    • cetbuildtools v7.04.00 and up automatically provide for this
    • If you are using an older cetbuildtools you set CET_PLUGIN_PATH by hand.

art 3.02 will be released shortly, probably by tomorrow

  • May or may not contain the new SamplingInput source module, we will try to get it in.
  • The art 2.12 memory growth changes will come later in art 3.03.
  • Separates art and art_root_io; to get a consistent set you must setup critic which will setup consistent versions of art, art_root_io, and gallery.
  • Standard external product refreshes, see slides for the details.
  • Python 3 support is added.
  • The CET_PLUGIN_PATH breaking change also applies to this release.

Python 3

  • Python 2.7 EOL is midnight, January 1, 2020.
  • Begin moving to Python 3 now:
    • Add “from __future__ import print_function” now
    • Adjust your print statements to use the new print function.
  • To use Python 3 built art, use the “py3” qualifier
    • setup art v3_02_00 -q +e19:+prof:+py3
  • Python 3.7 is not currently support on SLF6.
  • The SciSoft team will not create Python 3 built distributions of art 2, nor for art 3.0 or art 3.01.

Nova asked for an update on a new tensorflow release.  Lynn would like to drop Cafe.

Mu2e has a job with a 6 GiB memory usage they would like to investigate.