Stakeholder meeting notes – 2019/01/31

Attendees:  Kyle Knoepfel, Paul Russo, Matti Kortelainen, Lynn Garren, Karl Warburton, Chris Green, Rob Kutschke, Eric Flumerfelt
by: Paul Russo

art 3.01.01 was released
release notes:

art 3.02 was released
release notes:

There was a short discussion of a question from nova about how to write a art source module the creates multiple subruns in a single output file.  This is supported but a meeting will be scheduled to discuss the details.

There was also a short review of why you cannot override fcl parameters from the command line (breaks reproducibility of jobs).

mu2e reports they are in the process of switching to art 2.12.

mu2e reports they will make an attempt to use art 3.02.00 in a few weeks.

artdaq will meet with the art team to discuss art 3 migration in about two weeks.