Stakeholder meeting notes – 2019/03/05

Attendees:  Chris Green, Tom Junk, Rob Kutschke, Kyle Knoepfel, Paul Russo, Matti Kortelainen, Lynn Garren
by: Paul Russo


art email list changes

  • has been retired
    • Anyone on that list has been moved to art-users
    • ┬ľArchives are still accessible
  • will be retired this week
    • MT forum meetings have ceased, and all MT-related issues can be directed to art-users or
  • The art developers can still be reached at, which now forwards to

art 3.02.02

  • Will be tagged today
    • Addresses a problem with streaming of art::Assns products in multi-threaded
  • Restores fhicl Python extension module for Python 3
    • New dependency (pybind11)
  • Updated cetbuildtools (7.12.01), which provides better support for clang-tidy