art 3 – concurrent processing of events

After many months of development and implementation, we are pleased to announce the release of art 3, which supports concurrent processing of events.  The documentation will be expanded over the next several weeks.  There is a top-level art wiki section, which is the portal to much multi-threaded framework information:

For those interested in upgrading to art 3, please consult the Upgrading to art 3 page and the art 3.00 list of breaking changes.  For more details and for downloading, see the art 3.00 series release notes, and the gallery 1.09 series release notes.

Note that art series 3.00 is the last to support C++14; beginning with art 3.01 only C++17 builds will be provided.

We are very interested in helping you benefit from the framework’s multi-threaded capabilities.  Please contact us if you wish to discuss how your experiment or workflow could benefit from concurrent event processing.