art suite 2.08.02

We are pleased to announce the release of art 2.08.02.  New features relative to art 2.07.03 include: the ability to process input files with different process histories art::Ptrs to SubRun, Run, and Results products the ability to declare products that will be retrieved by a module configuration validation and description for messagefacility plus other improvements, features and… More »

by Kyle Knoepfel Attendees: Herb Greenlee, Alex Himmel, Chris Jones, Rob Kutschke, Brian Rebel, Erica Snider artists: Lynn Garren, Chris Green, Kyle Knoepfel, Marc Paterno Discussion of resolved issues: Feature #9880: Deprecate current ParameterSet::Prettifier class in favor of something easier to maintain The current –debug-config/–config-out printout is very difficult to maintain. For the next minor… More »